Jul 6, 2007
.>>>>>>>>>>>>>hehehe suka aja ma ijo nya..masukin aja

Your everything

You r falling star
You r the getaway care
You r d line in d sand when I go too far
Youre d swimming pool on an August day
You r d perfect thing to say

And u play it coy
But its kind of cute
When u smile at me, you know exactly what u do
Baby……do not pretend that you don’t know its true
Cause u can see it WHEN I LOOK @ U

And this crazy life
And through this crazy time
Its u,its u
You every line
You every word
Your everything

You r carousel
You r wishing well
And you light me up when u ring my bell
You r mistery
You r too my outerspace
Ur every minute of my everyday

Aand I can believe,,, that iam ur man
And aget to kiss u baby just b cuz ican
Wherever come ur way
We’ll I see it true
Cos u know that’s what our love can do>>>>>>>>>>.>>> Michael Bubble >Call Me Irreponsible

..lagunya nge jazzy bener..enak aja kalo lagi kerjasesuatu....suka sekali dengar jenis lagu ni

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