Jan 16, 2008
So Run Nurul….. Run!..........................

Lembaran Skripsi ku yang berserak...hummppp:(....
Cukup lama juga perjalanan ini, berusaha untuk berjuang bersabar
Emak says....Nurul! Orang sekolah tu yang TABAH
TABAH ya...tetap tersenyum Nurul
So Run Nurul….. Run! Not tomorrow, not Thursday afternoon, but NOW.
tried to make it little by little, tried to make it bit by bit on my own

I know live often brings bout d unpredictable. When we are quite sure that our plan would go smoothly, it goes the other way. When we propose a solution to our problem , more problems pour down on us
Since passing the long road a few months ago, yeah bout my academic record and I feel so tired for passing those days….. GOD.. just counting day by day! Till the…… put on my head… I wish I could wear that dont know exactly. On March?no body knows just my effort will decides everithing could be happens ,but just fine girl b quite
But smtime I would blame with all arround me. I just wanna speak loud:
Plisss…. Kip me in d dark room, vacum voices, and there is no body could see me anymore. No tones of my mobile, no pesimistic Talks, and no body can disturb me
(My mobile has rang, I try 2read d massegs slowly)
When I have received same massages…He says
Could u help .. bla..bla..bla(He offers a new job)..suddenly my heart’s beating rapidly, It's hard for me to say I'm sorry.( No brotha, plis give me just 2 weeks for doing that, my last task of my academic if all hve fineshed, I can do anithing… PROMISE).. there r many reasons brotha

The real question is: will you, or won’t you get in… so run Nurul Run Try harder
YOU SHOULD do now..till be the lucky one.ohhh Lord I need to find Someplace can call my mind tried to make it little by little, tried to make it bit by bit on my own.
Still standing here learn how to fly…even feels hurt and down. Try To teach my heart to sing a nice song as my hobby, and my fantassy goes to some where, finally peacfull is near…………………………..hmm kadamaian disini

B quite Nurul! Those days will come, when TOGA will b sitting on ur Head
Smangatttttttttttttttttttttt, kip faigt and b survivor, keep smile on ur face
NB: Maf ye kalau ada kesalahan dalam Grammarnya, penulisan etc..aku hanya manusia yang selalu belajar dan belajar..okehhhh, senyum rownggg


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