Feb 18, 2008
Cos m strong enough...
Cos m strong enough
2 face those secrets life_sketsa hati
Let the skies, clouds hear my soul

I wanna speak loud and all around knows my heart’sbeat clearly
Finally I catch the POWER…..THE POWER!!!!
D power to move any pain mountains
D Power from Our creator, who has control of over all
Eventually …
Senyum pun hadir……
Yah Nurul tersenyum
Cos I´m strong enough
Strong enough and I quit crying
Long enough now I´m strong enough
To know..life is secret..life is mistery
Its like a dream, some times real- sm time un real(lose)
no end and no beginning
but I want u to know
The secret of life is Fighting, even hurts
The secret of life is stayin' up even mad
The secret of life is try not to cry, even tears flows regularly
The secret of life isn’t only when m crying
The secret of life isn’t only when I feel sad
The secret of life isn’t only when m reading a sad massage
The secret of life are all the kindness
And then
To let perfect love replace all our tears, our hate
So let's go there
Let's make own safe space
Come on, let's go there
Let's ask can we stay?
Bersama kesulitan ada kemudahan (from hardship is relief)
Dan hanya Penciptamu tempat berharap dan kembali(2 Ur Lord all hopes)..Al Insyirah

PS: Nurul... ehmm hanya belajar Eng, ntah sesuai or g... lil bit stupit gtu

hanya melukiskan sketsa di hati ini:)


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